Jonavan Crail x Morals Fiber : Available Now

October 12, 2015

Almost 2 years ago I did a collab tee with Morals Fiber of a shot I took of the Haleiwa "Rainbow Bridge". It sold out at all 3 locations and online within 3 days. Since then countless people have been asking for a re-release.

Kyle, the owner of Morals Fiber wanted me to capture something that portrayed the fair weather friends concept he came up with, basically, friends who are there when times are good but are know where to be found when times are tough and you need them most. He said it's time to burn them bridges and keep only positive vibes around because if you aren't there when times are rough you definitely don't deserve to be around when we are at our best. Instantly it reminded me of a quote, "May the bridges I burn light the way" which we ended up putting on the shirt. Going off the concept and that quote I envisioned this image in my head.

Shooting the bridge at night allowed me to use a longer exposer and as a car passed by its headlights created a "lighting the way" effect that fit our concept perfectly. We are hyped to re-release this collaboration today online (here) and at all Morals Fiber locations. 

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